I named my kid after the sky (I miss you, Sora). I install and uninstall a game in the same day. I don't multitask well, but I'll respond within five minutes (If you're willing to wait). I get dad jokes; I make them. I get obsess easily, and every shoot is a puzzle to solve.

As for what I shoot, it's commercial photography - which is whatever people are trying to sell. That includes just about everything, I know, and now there's even more ways to shoot everything. 

That's why in my work, I believe in always improving and cutting down all noise to focus on the story, on the message, on the idea. Because if everyone else is being loud, being the opposite will get you the right attention.

My clientele includes: Starbucks Singapore, Starbucks Indonesia, Din Tai Fung Singapore, Fatboys, Allergan, DBS Singapore, Novotel, Nikon Singapore, etc.

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