I am a commercial shooter travelling between Jakarta and Singapore, and Hong Kong from time to time. I run a studio called Studio Three Sixteen in Singapore. 

If you're asking what I shoot, it's a lot of still life, spaces, and the occasional portraits; I approach every shoot like a puzzle, so in a way they are all very similar to me. I deal a lot of with direct clients and have been very fortunate to count Starbucks Singapore, Starbucks Indonesia, Allergan, Asus, Din Tai Fung Singapore, Fatboys, Novotel, etc. as part of my clientele. 

 If you're asking what I like doing, then it's visual storytelling. Recently, I've been doing a lot more of these in the forms of 15 seconds animations and short videos as the trend is shifting to cater for short form narratives. I'm enjoying it, especially when I get a lot more creative freedom and I get to experiment a lot. 

 I would love to hear more about anything from potential projects, to collaborations, to linking up or just discussing recent works.

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